Monday, November 13, 2017

Long Day!

What do you do after a long weekend and then you are up until 3 am with a puking child? And you really don't feel like doing anything? You take a low-key day and recover!!

I honestly did not feel like doing anything today. The bigger kids slept until 9 and that is when we usually start school! By the time everybody got through the showers and ready for the day, it was almost lunch time.

I did get some things accomplished this morning. I got all the suitcases from this weekend put back in the attic and I got the rest of the summer clothes put away.  I think that job is done now! 

I told myself (and the kids) that we were going to have school in the afternoon. Well, we did the minimum.  I went over Megan's English and spelling lesson that I let her get out of last Friday. I had good intentions to keep going, but that didn't happen. Micah fell asleep, and I sat down and read Christian some books. I just didn't have the motivation today to keep going. We were supposed to start something new and it was going to take a lot of explaining, and I just didn't feel like it.

Tomorrow though, we are back at it 100%!!! Nobody is going to keep me up half the night, and I am going to get a full night's sleep!!

I looked at our schedule for the rest of the week,and tomorrow is the only day we will have a full day of school. That is kind of frustrating. (Don't forget that I took most of today off too!)  We will have about 1 1/2 hours for school on Monday, the morning for school on Thursday, and the afternoon for school on Friday.  Then we will be off next Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.  We are just hitting that busy time of year.

I better get off to bed and get some sleep!!

Tis the season!

In addition to the fall retreat and small group at our house last night, we also had a bout of throwing up last night. :(  Just what I wanted to top off the weekend!!!!

I am sure glad Matt and I have had 14 years of experience with puking kids!  As I was putting Micah to bed, I could hear him barely gagging as if he was going to throw up. He seemed ok after he did it, so I put him to bed.  About a half an hour later, he gagged really hard, but never threw up. I ran him into the bathroom because rule #1 in this house is to NOT puke on the carpet!!!!  He didn't throw up, but he ended up falling asleep on the bathroom floor. We knew he was going to puke sometime, so I needed a plan on how to get him to bed and not in his crib. Have you ever had a kid throw up in a crib?? It is AWFUL to clean up.

I thought about it a little bit and then decided to take his crib mattress and put it on the floor in our room right outside the bathroom. As Micah was sleeping on the bathroom floor, I moved his mattress and put towels all around it to save the carpet.  I put Micah to bed and about every half an hour for the next 2-3 hours, I was awake with him as he was gagging or puking a little bit.  Finally about 2:30, he threw up quite a bit and was able to get back to sleep for good.

In the middle of this though, probably around 2, Courtney came into our room and she couldn't sleep anymore. I think she heard all that was going on and was feeling like she was going to get sick too. Matt gave her a bucket and put her in front of a movie downstairs.  Once I got Micah back to bed, I went and checked on her, and she said she was feeling better and was going to go to bed once the movie was over.  I went back to bed and crashed!

Micah woke up at 8 am and is doing much better. He ate some oatmeal and is playing. The older kids are still sleeping. Hopefully none of them will get it!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Weekend Went Way Too Fast!

I can hardly believe it is Sunday night already.  We had a very adventurous weekend, and I am glad everybody is back at home safe and sound.

To start off, this was the weekend of the annual Jr. high retreat for Megan's youth group at church.  The group travels to a Christian retreat center in the middle of Iowa for the weekend, and they have a great time! The kids leave on Friday and come back on Sunday. Last year, we took our camper up on Thursday, and we camped in a local state park.  On Friday, we took Megan to the retreat center to meet up with church and we came back on Sunday and got her.

This year, the retreat was in November instead of early October, and our camper was already winterized. It was also just a tad bit too chilly to go camping.  Megan did not really want to ride the bus again, so we had to figure out how we were going to get it to all work out.  Courtney had a basketball game on Saturday, so we couldn't make it a family weekend again. 

Our first thought was that we could get the two grandmas to watch the children, and then Matt and I could take Megan to the camp and spend the weekend together. That plan didn't work out, so then Matt decided to take Christian off by himself, and I would stay home with Courtney and Micah.  Matt and Christian rarely get time together, so we thought this would be fun. This is exactly what we did!

Matt, Megan, Christian, and one of Megan's friends left from church Friday around 4:15 PM and they arrived at the retreat center about 7:45 PM.  After dropping the two girls off, they made their way to Fort Dodge, IA, where Matt had reserved a hotel room.  They spent Friday night there and then had all kinds of fun on Saturday. They went hiking at some state parks, went bowling, watched movies, etc.  They stayed again Saturday night, and then went back to the retreat center today around noon to pick the girls back up.  They arrived home about 3:30 PM this afternoon. It sounds like everyone had a great time!

Meanwhile back at the home front, I realized how quiet my house is without two kids! These are the two kids who fight the most too. :(  I also realized that Christian is always talking or singing, so that was another reason the house was so quiet.  On Friday, we went and visited my mom and dad and on Saturday, I took Courtney shopping, we went to a birthday party, and she played her basketball game (they won by 19 points! Courtney made 6 of them).  We had church this morning, and then we went out for lunch. We also had a good time together!

Now it is Sunday night, and the kids are all tucked back in their own beds! I have to get my mind set for a full day of school tomorrow! Back to reality!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

A little venting...

I am going to vent a little bit. This is my blog; I can say what I want. :)

1.  When you say you are coming to a party, then come. If you decide not to come at the last minute, let your host know so they don't have so much food left over!!! 

2.  If you RSVP as a maybe, please let your host know either yes or no. That way, they do not buy food for you "in case" you decide to show up.

3.  If you can't come at all, it would be nice to say that too. Just a simple "no" would be efficient. Nobody needs to know why. 

4. If you were invited, you said "maybe", but then put pictures on Facebook of yourself at another friend's house during the party, well, then, I don't think that is very considerate either.

Anybody want four extra pizzas and 3 large bags of salad???  Cake anyone??

Vent over.

PS I told myself that I was not going to hunt people down to get a "yes" or a "no" out of them anymore, but maybe I should!!! It would sure save us some money!!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I will do it myself!

Lately, I have noticed Micah is trying to do things more on his own than waiting for help! For example, this morning, we are having a little snack of grapes while we wait for the others to get up and make breakfast. The plastic sack with grapes in it are on the stove. I just saw himself pull up his stool and try to put more grapes in his bowl!

Yesterday, he helped himself to an apple and butter knife, and he showed me how he was going to cut up his own apple.

The day before he brought me a pair of scissors and a packaged chocolate bar. Can you guess what he wanted me to do??

He has tried to get his shoes on by himself. He can't get his tennis shoes on, but he can get his sandals on. He is so proud when he does!!  This usually means that he wants to go outside.  One day, he was sitting in front of the door with his shoes and jacket in his lap and the baby stroller beside him saying, "outside, outside!" This boy knows what he wants to do!

Some days he brings me what he wants for lunch. One day he brought me a can of BBQ beans and the can opener. 

He often helps himself to water.  He can get to his cups, so he will grab one and then go over to the fridge and fill it up from the front. If you are not watching him, he will keep filling it up until it overflows and water spills all over the floor! I try to let him fill up his cup once in awhile with supervision. I will say "that's enough" when there is just a little bit in there. He can drink out of a cup pretty well, so once that is gone, he always insists on having more. After about 2-3 times of this, I usually walk over and push the "lock" button on the fridge so he can't have any more water. I also get out a sippy cup, fill it up, and give it to him!

He also tries to sharpen pencils with our pencil sharpener we have right beside the computer. The bad thing is that he doesn't quite know that pens don't go in there, and I have caught him trying to sharpen pens on a couple of occasions!

I am really enjoying this stage with him! His vocabulary has grown tremendously the last month  and he is starting to put two words together. He is also able to tell us more of what he needs or wants and we can understand him. He is also very good at saying, "please" and "thank you." I love watching him on a daily basis!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Late bedtime tonight!

It is 10:06 PM, and my children are just getting to bed.

Matt worked all day today and just got home about 8:45 pm from a work event. Of course, the kids wanted to talk to him PLUS he brought pizza home.  Of course, they each had a piece. If my teeth didn't hurt so bad, I would have had them share with me!

Matt needed some time to unwind after his big day, so he went down to his office for awhile. All three older children followed him. :) My house was so peaceful. Micah had been in bed since 7:45 pm.

Matt always puts the older three to bed, so by the time they all came back upstairs, it was about 9:45.  Of course, they needed time to get ready for bed, and therefore, bedtime is now almost ten after ten. 

What was I doing during all this? Grading papers and enjoying the silence.

Maybe it is time that I should go to bed myself. My nights seem to go so quickly lately!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Allergy Diagnosis?

I called a nurse at Micah's allergist last week about his face turning red after he eats green apples and brown pears.  After consulting with his doctor, she called me back yesterday and told me it is post peri-oral dermatitis. Pretty much his face will turn red when he eats those foods. She said to not stop giving him those fruit and he will eventually "grow out of it." I told her he just started this two weeks ago! She told me to look it up, and then I will know more about it and can compare pictures.

Well, I looked it up, but it is not what Micah's face looks like!!! The pictures show welts and bumps. Micah's face is smooth. HMMMMM.

Yesterday at lunch, I ran a test on him. I gave him little pieces of green apple (raw, not cooked) to see what he would do. His chin turned a little red, he rubbed his eyes, he got super cranky, and he had two hives on his arm. His bumps on his arm also flared up.  And I am supposed to continue to give him these foods??

Luckily I have an appointment with his allergist made for the 17th, and I am going to discuss things with him. I have pictures of his face and the hives yesterday. 

I would really like to go to a natural doctor with him. He has some additional symptoms going on that I would like to get to the bottom of!!