Thursday, January 18, 2018

Broken oven :(

I am so sad; my oven in broken.  :(   If you know me, you know that I bake A LOT!!

I actually learned my oven was broke the hard way. I put an apple crisp in one morning, smelled something burning, opened my oven and smoke billowed out plus I had a burnt apple crisp.  This was about 15 minutes into the bake time.  The apple crisp was salvageable, but there was something clearly wrong with my oven.

After Matt took it apart a little bit and did some research online, he thought that my temperature regulator was bad. He checked that specifically, but that was still good. The temperature regular leads back to the computer panel, so we are pretty much assuming that the computer panel is bad. After looking online a little bit more for a new part, we found out that it would be $325 to fix!!! That is about the price of a new stove!

We went and looked at new stoves last night. We looked at flat tops, convention ovens, gas ranges, etc. and I don't really know what I want. Matt doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg either, although I think he would prefer to get a gas range with a convention oven. We will do some more research on them.

Until then though, I have been using the convention oven in my microwave to bake items! I haven't used it in years, so I forgot how it worked! Once I pushed a few buttons and figured it out, I got it working! I made granola in there yesterday and today I am making some jellied rolls. This is the best I got until I get a new oven! Hopefully that will be soon!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Micah's new "thing"

Micah is at the age now where he pretends play and has a great imagination! Some days he is hilarious, but other times he makes more work for me with his imaginary play.

Last night was one of them.  He loves pulling my small appliances out of the cupboard and playing with them. This would involve the waffle makers, blender, toaster, and crock pots. He really does no harm and as long as I keep an eye on them, he is fine.  He doesn't plug them in and just plays. It keeps him busy. :)

About a week ago though, he had found a bucket of crayons and decided to fill the pitcher of the blender up with crayons. I said he was making a "crayon smoothie" for me. He was so cute because he was saying, "Cover your ears. It's loud!" And then, "Want some?"

Last night though, he took it to the next level. I was grading papers and not watching him very closely. He decided to put crayons in the toaster. :(  By the time I saw him, he had it pretty full. Have you EVER tried to get crayons out of a toaster?? Well, it doesn't work so well!!!

He was also putting the crayons in a pitcher and calling it "apple juice." Last night, he got me a cup and poured me some of his "apple juice." It was so yummy! :)

As I write this, he is back at it. He put crayons in the crock pot last night and is moving them into the blender this morning. He is counting the scoops as he goes (one, two, three, etc.) I guess he wants his "crayon smoothie" for breakfast!! "

(And yes, before we use any of these appliances, I will wash them and get all the crayon stuff out of them!)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hives again?

We have been on a roll lately. The last time Micah broke out with hives was last June from grandpa blowing raspberries on his tummy (weird, right?). I have been very careful with what he eats and it hasn't really been an issue.

Last night we were over at  friends house, and they let their dog out into the area where all the adults were.  In the past, Micah has been allergic to dog dander, but just recently, we had him retested and his numbers went WAY down! About a year ago, we were over there though and this dog licked him and he broke out in hives on his face.  I kind of assumed he had outgrown this since his numbers went way down.

Last night, I looked over at Micah and their dog was licking Micah on his face! I told the dog to get away, and then told the owners that Micah will break out in hives.  The owner then told me that dog's saliva is sterile, and that it won't cause hives. I just responded with, "Well, it has happened before."

Not even five minutes later, I looked at Micah and he had hives on his face, right where the dog licked him!! I said, "See?? He broke out in hives!" Again, the owner said, "Well, he was rolling on the carpet a little bit ago." HUH?? I think he was assuming that the hives came from the dander in the carpet and not from the licking. I beg to differ.

So, apparently, Micah is still allergic to dog saliva! I may call the allergist and just reaffirm this!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Getting back to Normal!

We started school back yesterday and it has been crazy. I have two boys who constantly want to touch and irritate each other, so I am constantly being interrupted. :(  I also have a two year old who thinks he needs to be entertained all day long. Somehow he is always trying to get onto my lap while I am trying to teach somebody. Today I got the money out to practice with Christian and Micah wanted to play with it...on my lap! I said "no" and gently put him on the floor with the money. That did NOT go over well!   When I put him down, he cried and then a certain 11 year old told me that I was not being compassionate enough to him! I just want to teach my children!!

As for school, we are able to pick up right where we left off before break. I had everything graded, and we were at good stopping points in most subjects.  I always try to do tests if I can before a long break, but in Courtney's English and Megan's science, we were unable to get the test in even though we were super close to the end of the chapter. We were able to get the reviews in today, and they will take their tests tomorrow. The older two girls were also in the middle of research papers.  They had all their research done before break, so we sat down today and wrote outlines. I think they wanted a break from them anyway, so it worked out well!

I am looking forward to ending some curriculum here shortly and started anew. Courtney and Christian finished their science book, so they are going in separate directions in a couple of days. I think it will be for the better. Courtney is going to do biology, and Christian is going to do earth science. We are close to finishing our history curriculum, so that will be a big switch too, and I am looking forward to it. As I look back at what we were doing, I realized how many books we didn't read and how much of the curriculum we didn't use. I am thinking about selling it because I probably won't use it again. Plus I already have somebody interested in it! Bonus for me!

Along with school, basketball started up this week, so we are doing that for the next two months up at a local church. Courtney and Christian are playing with the Upward program again, so they are excited! Christian started practice last night, and Matt said he was the tallest person on his team. He is also a very old 1st grader, so he is probably one of the oldest too! Courtney starts practice tonight. She is going to be too good for Upward, but it is still fun for her. She really loves basketball!

Youth group also starts back up for Megan this week. She thoroughly enjoys that!

Since we are back at school, I am back to grading every evening. So guess what I get to do tonight?? Grade schoolwork!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Holidays are over!

Wow! We have had a great time celebrating Christmas and the new year. We let all four children stay up on New Year's Eve to ring in the new year.  The two year old lasted until 11:15, the seven year old lasted until about 11:30, and the rest of us made it until 12! We passed the last hour by playing Phase 10 and enjoying root beer floats! (Yes, at 11:30 pm!, I figured we were all so tired that the sugar might not affect us too bad!)

I had told the girls last week that I wanted to get back to math and English this week. As I went to tuck the girls in last night, Courtney said, "Mom, I am really dreading tomorrow. We have to go back to school." I said, "School? No, we aren't going back to school yet." She jumped for joy! I told her I needed some order back in my life before we went back to school! Our kitchen was a disaster and the whole first floor of my house needed some order. 

Guess what we did today? We got the place back in order! Even though that is done, there are still a couple of things I want to get done before we go back to school! I want to get the sitting room clean, get some old curriculum sold, and get some pictures on the walls. I am not asking for much, but I just want it done!

Today we cleaned in the morning and then this afternoon, we went out and got groceries. It was cold, but we survived! Tomorrow we are having some friends over, so we will probably just get a few things done in the morning. Maybe Thursday morning we will try to pull out the math and English. I just tell the girls that the more we do now, the less we have to do in the summer!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I survived!!

Christmas is fun and a great time to celebrate Jesus' birth, but it is definitely one of the most stressful times of the year!!!  And unfortunately, a lot of the stress falls on mom. :(  I tried to explain this all to Matt one night who didn't have to buy any presents or get any meals ready. He asked me what would happen if I didn't get everything done like I wanted, and I responded, "We will have some very disappointed kids!" 

But in the end, Matt and I went on a two hour shopping spree on Saturday morning and finished everything up! I was very thankful!! The hardest thing to do is to buy presents with four kids in tow. I try to buy a lot online, but then I have to stay up late and order what I need. And with Micah not going to bed until 10 pm, I was up late a few nights this last month!

But it is all over now! (Actually we still have one more party next Sunday and I have three more presents to buy.)

We are taking the week off of school, so I am going to have to find something for everybody to do, especially Christian. I thought about going to down to the Children's Museum one of these days.  The girls are actually going shopping with grandma today, and I thought about taking the boys out somewhere, but it is supposed to be -8 degrees windchill all day. That may not be worth it! I think we could clean Christian's room instead!!!

I am not sure about next week. The public school kids don't go back until January 8th, but I don't think we need two weeks off. I am thinking we can go back next week some time.  The more I get done now, the less I have to do in the summer. :)  Plus we are at the end of some of our curricula, and I am anxious to move on to new stuff!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Why does he need so little sleep??

Why does my two year old need less sleep than the rest of us?? Seriously!!

I wake this boy up at 7:15 am every morning. If we are home all day, he usually does not take a nap.  Sometimes if this is the case, he is tired enough and is in bed by 8 pm. But lately, he has not been in bed until at least 9:30-10 pm!!  Like today, we were home all day and he did not take a nap.  I just got him in bed at 9:45 pm!!

It is funny because I wake the older three kids up at 7:30 pm and Courtney and Christian are already  asleep at night before Micah goes to sleep. He is two; they are 7 and 11! How do they need more sleep than he does??

Last week, Matt and I concluded that if he had any nap at all, he was up later.  The nap could be five minutes or it could be 90 minutes, it didn't matter. We were up until 10:30-11 pm a couple times last week. ("We" as in Micah and I. Matt puts the older three kids to be and then goes to bed himself. He gets up at 5:30 am every morning.)

My older three kids always took a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Megan would take three hour naps! It is so weird when I am talking to moms of other toddlers and they talk about them taking a nap. I forgot what it is like to have to stay home in the afternoon and base the daily schedule around nap time. I love my freedom during the day, but how I wished Micah would nap!! (not really, because then we would be up until midnight!)

It would be nice to have a break too. Right now, I need to keep a close eye on him because he climbs everything, pulls kitchen utensils out of drawers, pulls everything out of our game closet,  pushes keys on the keyboard of our computer, gets out markers, etc.  And we can't forget all the fighting Micah and Christian do. It would be a nice break from keeping an eye on him 24/7/! My first break from him is usually at 10 PM, and by that time, I just want to go to bed myself!